I have been managing portfolios for clients seeking unbiased investment management since 1993. My objective is to achieve long-term tax efficient growth of capital and minimize risk by investing in well-managed, financially sound companies.

Because I have over 40 years of experience in investing and financial disciplines, and draw from some of the best resources available, I believe I have an advantage in identifying attractive investment opportunities.

Markets are emotional and focus on the short term, overreacting to positive and negative news. These reactions present opportunities. I combine an understanding of economic trends with in-depth fundamental research on individual companies to identify attractive candidates. Capital is concentrated in my best ideas. I believe this reduces risk and increases returns.

My interests are aligned with yours. I invest in securities that are also purchased for your account, and fees are based solely on the value of your managed assets. High standards of business excellence and ethical behavior are also important considerations in the investment selection process.

More details are provided in the following pages. Please contact me for further information and a personal portfolio review.